Gogglebox's Pete and Sophie Sandiford's uncle is a comedy legend and fans are just realising

Pete and Sophie Sandiford, key figures of Gogglebox since 2017, have won over viewers with their insightful and humorous commentary on the week's TV highlights.

The fan-favourite siblings from Blackpool are noted for their dynamic exchange, with Pete typically engaging in witty reflections on both television shows and occurrences from his personal life. At one point he humorously shared with Sophie that he felt overwhelmed by his wife, Paige, who was obsessively planning their daughter's birthday party.

But listeners who admire their comedic genius might be interested to learn about their lineage - they're actually related to a comedy titan. Famed comedian Paul Elliott, brother to the late Barry Elliot, happens to be their uncle.


He had been casually alluding to this family tie for quite some time, posting cute photos of his niece and nephew on Twitter, reports OK! Paul tweeted a throwback photo from 2018 with Pete and Sophie, captioning it: "This day 2018 with my great niece and nephew @PeteandSophie #Gogglebox."

A fan quickly made the connection, replying: "THAT'S why they're so funny!" Paul also shared another heart-warming picture featuring his wife Sue, Pete and Sophie, and their half-sister Lucy during a lovely family lunch.

"Look who we had a very nice lunch with @pinklarkholme #ProudUncle @Petesandiford @PeteandSophie @llucyjohnson X" he penned in June 2019.

One eagle-eyed follower commented: "Can so see Barry in Pete. Now I know where he gets his comic side from. May Barry's legend live on in Pete."

Sophie took to Twitter to post a heartfelt message after her uncle Barry's passing in August 2018, due to bone cancer. She penned: "A truly lovely and funny man to be around. You filled millions of childhoods with laughter and entertainment including mine and Peters."

She continued by referencing their famous catchphrase: "You will be sadly missed by many. Rest in peace Uncle Barry. Lots of love from me, to you."

After his brother's death, Paul opened up what he thought could have been a contributory factor – Barry's 'fear of hospitals'.

He told the Daily Star: "All his life, one of his problems was that he hated going to see the doctor. He hated hospitals. He couldn't stand the smell of them.

"And probably that was a big thing towards his downfall. A lot of men are like that. I'm not because my missus tells me to go and get that sorted, go and see what that is. But that's right. You should go."