'What Is Going On?': Baggage Piled Up at Toronto Airport

Large piles of baggage were seen piled up at Toronto Pearson Airport in footage shared to social media on June 27.

The footage posted by Maryam Shirzad showed large amount of luggage left across the baggage claim area at the airport.

In a statement to the Toronto Star, Greater Toronto Airport Authority spokeswoman Tori Gass said that flight delays and cancellations, staff shortages with airlines, and “temporary mechanical disruptions” with the baggage system, had led to the problems.

Removing bags from flights and how fast they’re loaded onto a carousel were the “responsibility of the airline and their contracted ground handling company," she said.

Passengers at the airport have faced baggage problems for the past couple of months, the Toronto Star reported. Credit: Maryam Shirzad via Storyful

Video transcript