This is Going to Hurt: Vinyl soundtrack to contribute £1 per sale to NHS

The This is Going to Hurt soundtrack Vinyl LP will be released on 21 October, with £1 from every sale going to NHS charities.

The series starring Ben Whishaw, released earlier this year, is based on Adam Kay’s multi-million copy bestseller This is Going to Hurt.

The original soundtrack was written and performed for the series by JARV IS – the band comprising Jarvis Cocker, Serafina Steer, Emma Smith, Andrew McKinney, Adam Betts & Jason Buckle.

Each episode features at least one song with lyrics by Cocker, who had access to the scripts (adapted by Adam Kay from his own book) from an early stage in the production process.

Most of the soundtrack is made up from live takes featuring the entire band – often recorded whilst they watched the playback of key sequences from the series: “It’s our love song to the NHS,” said Cocker on the record.

Calling the Pulp frontman one of “England’s finest lyricists and songwriters’’ Lead Director Lucy Forbes said Cocker’s “incisive wit, keen sense of observation and ability to write beautiful heartfelt melodies was the perfect fit.”

“[Cockers] music immediately intertwined with the fabric and tone of the show and took it to a whole new level, getting right to the heart of the pathos, pain and joy of working at the NHS,” she added.

The five star series was created, written and executive produced by Kay himself and details the highs and lows of working on a gynaecology and obstetrics ward.

The full tracklist for This Is Going To Hurt Original Soundtrack is available below:

1: “This is Going to Hurt”

2: ”Visiting Hours”

3: “Adam’s Nightmare”

4: “Dark Wave”

5: ”Dare To Love”

6: “Shruti”

7: “Job Description”

8: “Difficult C Section”

9: “Fuck This”

10: “Just Another One of Those Days”

11: “All I Have is Yours”

12: “Shruti (The Golden Thread)”