Going out on Christmas Eve? Uber can get you home for free

Uber has teamed up with Budweiser (Picture: Budweiser)
Uber has teamed up with Budweiser (Picture: Budweiser)

Chris Rea once sang about the idyllic experience of driving home for Christmas – but we all know it’s never as nice as that. We’re often faced with long journeys, traffic jams, and all this while wondering the family horror joy that awaits us.

But at least Uber are making it a little bit easier. They’re offering a free ride up to the value of £15 on Saturday, and it’s a perfect solution for anyone who has to dash from one side of a UK city to another see their loved ones.

It’s pretty easy to get one too. All you have to do is sign up on the Budweiser website, log onto uber between 4PM and 12PM on Christmas Eve, request an UberX and, bingo, it’s free.

Uber is being accused by a former employee (Picture: Rex)
Uber is heading up the festive campaign (Picture: Rex)

The festive initiative has seen Uber teaming up with Budweiser to offer free rides, after a recent survey suggested that over a quarter of Brits are planning to go out on Christmas Eve.

So there you have it. The choice of a safe Uber, or waking up in a cold prison cell on Christmas Day. It’s a no brainer really, isn’t it?

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Steph Okell, Budweiser UK’s marketing manager, said: ‘We’ve run a lot of responsible drinking campaigns in the past, but for 2016 we wanted to take our commitments to the next level with an initiative of epic proportions that would really have an impact.

‘We want to spark as many conversations as possible and if we can deter people from getting behind the wheel after drinking this Christmas, we’ll consider the campaign a success.’

It’s what Santa would want you to do.