'They’re going to put me out of business': Shop owner 'sickened' over lack of compensation

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Pictures by Gordon Terris.
Pictures by Gordon Terris.

A shop owner fears his business won't last "six months" due to major works taking place outside his store.

Ian McNeill, who owns Frankie's in Giffnock, says his business has been affected by road closed signs and a four-way traffic light system outside his shop on Braidholm Road.

The street is set to be closed for around 11 months to allow major investment works to take place on behalf of Scottish Water to reduce sewer flooding, with many residents not having access to their driveways for the duration.

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Glasgow Times: Ian McNeill
Glasgow Times: Ian McNeill

Ian McNeill

Ian says, as a result of the project, he has lost the majority of passing trade to his convenience store.

The 62-year-old said: "I understand there’s got to be the work but that doesn’t mean I should have to suffer for it.

"My footfall is down a third, so needless to say the takings are down about the same about as well.

"They’ve killed the passing traffic.

"The notices are half a mile up the road saying ‘road closed’ so people are just turning off up there.

"There’s no passing traffic here anymore."

Glasgow Times:
Glasgow Times:

He continued: "I’m trying to cut as much as possible.

"I’ve already cut one member of staff, and I’ve cut another twos' hours and I will be cutting more hours.

"I can’t just keep throwing money at it.

"It was bad enough getting through Covid."

Glasgow Times:
Glasgow Times:

Ian says he contacted Scottish Water asking for compensation due to the loss of business, but was told they look at claims on a "strictly legal basis" and it will only be given if he can provide evidence they have been "negligent" or caused any damage.

He says he is "absolutely sickened" by the lack of help.

He said: "The whole thing is just a nightmare.

"They reduced the parking spaces outside the shop.

"They’re making new parking at the side of the building but they’re saying that’s going to be allocated parking for people in the houses.

"They’re paying GHA Rugby Club for the use of their land, they’re putting an electric charge point along at GHA.

"They’re throwing money at it but me they’re basically just telling to beat it."

Glasgow Times:
Glasgow Times:

Ian took over the business around seven years ago but fears for its future if no help is offered.

He said: "The business has been here all in all for about 50 years, and if it keeps going like this it won’t be here for six months.

"I’ve got no confidence at all, I don’t hold out much hope.

"They’re going to put me out of business.

"And if I wanted to sell the business, I’d get nothing for it.

"Who’s going to take on a business that’s beside four-way traffic lights with reduced footfall?

"I’d be lucky to get anything."

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Glasgow Times:
Glasgow Times:

A Scottish Water spokesperson said: "We are doing all we can to work with local residents and business owners to help minimise any disruption while our major investment project to help alleviate sewer flooding in Braidholm Road, Giffnock, is under way.

"We are actively working with the local community to identify and find solutions to any issues on a case-by-case basis.

"We are currently exploring the possibility of creating some additional parking on privately owned land just off Braidholm Road and Whitton Drive, to assist those who have lost access to their driveways while our works are being delivered.

"We have also installed an EV charging point in the car park at Glasgow Hutchesons’ Aloysians (GHA) rugby club where our site cabins are now located.

"This is available for use on request by any Scottish Water customers in the area who own an electric vehicle and are temporarily unable to use their driveway as a result of our works.

"In terms of compensation, Scottish Water looks at all claims on a strict legal liability basis so will only consider compensation if it can be proved we have been in any way negligent.

"We apologise for any inconvenience caused by these works which are essential to help reduce the risk of repeated internal sewer flooding and deliver benefits to the wider community."