Golden Retriever Gifted Large Wrapped Present With Puppy Inside

Luffy the two-year-old golden retriever couldn’t contain his excitement as he met Nami, the latest member of a family based in Sterling, Virginia.

Nami was introduced into the Andrick family’s home on December 4 in a large wrapped box.

Footage of the special moment was captured and posted on Marissa Andrick’s TikTok channel.

In the footage the pets’ owners can be seen trying to calm Luffy down in a bid to convince him to look inside the box.

“I took the strawberry thinking that he would check out the box, and he grabbed an antler chew to bring to me,” Andrick told Storyful.

“That’s when Nami poked her head out of the box and he dropped the chew immediately to sniff her. They have become great friends and are the most adorable pair,” she added. Credit: Marissa Andrick via Storyful

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