Golden Retriever Patiently Allows Young Owner to Scrub Her Clean

A six-year-old golden retriever patiently sat and waited as its young owner scrubbed the dog clean in Bangkok, Thailand.

Thanankorn Pakdeeatsawasophon posted a video on his Instagram page on September 26 that shows him guiding his daughter Jamie through the process of cleaning their pet dog, Biscuit.

“Can you pour some water to her, be careful (with) her eyes, " Pakdeeatsawasophon says in the video as the young girl tips a kettle of water over the dog’s head.

The golden retriever patiently sits and waits for the girl to clean its fur before shaking off the water.

“Jamie loves her Biscuit so much. She feels that taking a shower is her responsibility,” Pakdeeatsawasophon wrote on the Instagram post. Credit: Cookie Cute via Storyful

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