Golden Retriever Puppies Get Some Christmas Shopping Done at Pennsylvania Home Depot

A group of adorable golden retriever puppies delighted shoppers and staff at a Home Depot in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Footage posted to TikTok by Karen Grubb-Weatherbie on December 3 shows the super-cute squad barreling through the aisles of the hardware store

Grubb-Weatherbie breeds golden retrievers that often become service, therapy and emotional support dogs, and told Storyful that she like to take the puppies out to socialize them.

“We’ve found that early socialization gives them a head-start on their way to certifications,” she said.

“We take veterinarian advice in order to keep them safe and we’ve never had a puppy catch any germs in the three years we’ve been breeding,” she added. Credit: Karen Grubb-Weatherbie via Storyful

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