Golden Retriever Splashes Around With Gray Whale off Whidbey Island

A golden retriever ignored the calls of its owners and continued to swim with a gray whale off Whidbey Island, on Tuesday, July 26.

John Derlega shared this video of his mother-in-law’s six-year-old dog, Tippy, powering through the waters to frolic with the gray whale on Instagram, adding the caption: ’Whale’s Best Friend’.

“You can hear everyone on the beach shouting for Tippy to return to shore, but Tippy seems to be enjoying herself with the whale,” Derlega told Storyful.

Derlega said that Tippy swims around the bay most days, usually playing with seals and attempting to catch fish.

“I think this gentle encounter is objectively a rare and interesting interspecies moment.”

“I’m sure she’ll happily swim with the whale again!” Credit: John Derlega via Storyful

Video transcript


- He's not going anywhere fast.

- No.

- The way that Cathy described it is that they'll come through and they'll use their flippers to scoop--

- Exactly. They're here for the sand shrimp.

- Yeah, Yeah, yeah.

- I've always told that they're gone by like, May.

- Tippy.

- Tippy.

- Tippy.

- Tippy, come here.

- We're going to get a million hits If the dog interacts with the whale.

- Oh my God.

- Tippy.

- Tippy.

- I don't know what the dog makes of it.

- Tippy.

- All the humans are going to freak out. I think Tippy is fine with it.

- Tippy. Watch out for my dog, Tippy. Oh, no.

- Tippy, come on.

- Tippy, come.

- Come on, honey.

- It's still right there. She got color. Amazing.

- Come on, Tip. Tippy, come. Come on.

- Come on, Tip.

- Come on, Tippy.

- Tippy, come.

- It's so big I--