Golden Retriever's Stunning Mountain Photoshoots Make Him Internet Star

Aspen pictured in the mountains by his photographer owner Hunter Lawrence/Caters

Most dogs are content with twice daily walks in the local park or countryside.

But Aspen the Golden Retriever has been lucky enough to experience the best of what North America has to offer, travelling to eight different states and even holidaying in Alberta, Canada.

The four-year-old pooch’s adventures have been captured by his owner Hunter Lawrence, 24, who uses Aspen as a model in a variety of striking photo shoots which have become an Instagram hit.

The stunning images show the silky Golden Retriever posing perfectly in front of a backdrop of snowy mountains and shimmering lakes.

Aspen hikes up to 15 miles with his owners at least once a week and also enjoys snow-sledging and canoeing.

Aspen has visited eight states so far/Caters

“Aspen has always tagged along on hikes, backpacking trips and a ton of my photo shoots,” says Hunter.

“I always have my camera with me and so we’ve been fortunate to capture him in some really beautiful environments, most recently in Canada.

“He’s an obedient dog so whenever I put a hat on him or a pair of hiking boots, he always stay put. It often makes for a really beautiful image.”

However, Hunter, who adopted the pup when he was six weeks old, ensures his dog’s presence in the photographs doesn’t take away from the surrounding environment.

Hunter Lawrence, girlfriend Sarah and Aspen pose for a selfie/Caters

“In the photo of him in the canoe on Lake Louise, I wanted everyone to see that he was surrounded by glaciers and mountains and tons of crazy blue coloured water out on a canoe,” added Hunter. “He’s the most joyful dog and loves being outdoors.”

Unsurprisingly, the couple find Aspen is usually the centre of attention on their expeditions.

“Everywhere we take him basically everyone will stop, get down on a knee and start playing with him.

‘My wife and I always joke that when we take Aspen with us anywhere, it takes us three times as long.

Hunter and Sarah moved to Denver, Colorado, from Austin, Texas, after falling in love with the beautiful area.

Aspen has become an Instagram star in the snaps/Caters

They started an Instagram to document their dog’s adventures called @aspenthemountainpup.

Hunter said: “I always told myself I’d never make him his own feed, but I caved and ended up doing it after I realised we had some really awesome content that we wanted to share with the world. I guess people have really begun to love it as much as we do.

“We’re 30 minutes to the mountains, we have four real seasons and millions of acres to take Aspen on hikes.

“Colorado is the perfect backdrop for Aspen cause he loves rivers, lakes, hiking and the snow. It’s the perfect combo for a pup like Aspen.”