1,800 terrifyingly faulty Golden State Warriors menorahs have been recalled

(Photo courtesy of U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission)

On their Jewish Heritage Night on Dec. 14, the Golden State Warriors gave away nearly 1,800 faulty menorahs with basketball-shaped candleholders. It was intended as a reverential Warriors-Chanukah tie-in. The gold-and-yellow menorahs even featured a basketball-shaped shamash candle atop a net.

Unfortunately, life isn’t a game of NBA Jam ’95. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, those candleholders are a risk to melt when exposed to heat, which is the opposite of what a candleholder is designed to do. Seeing how, fire is one of our planet’s purest producers of heat, the CPSC is recalling those menorahs.

Reportedly, the CPSC received a report of a fiery bouncing candle once the glue melted. That is both terrifying and worthy of a viral video. Chanukah ended over two months ago, but better late than never.

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