Golfer explains the viral video of his girlfriend denying him a post-victory kiss

Aaron Wise kissed the trophy after winning the AT&T Byron Nelson, but his girlfriend didn’t appear to want a kiss. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

On Sunday, golfer Aaron Wise got his very first PGA Tour win at the AT&T Byron Nelson. It was a very exciting moment for the 21-year-old, but it’s not why he made headlines. After his victory was sealed on the 18th green, Wise embraced his girlfriend, and then tried to give her a celebratory kiss. It, uh, didn’t go well.

Wise does a classic head tilt, the universal symbol for “I’m about to go in for a kiss,” and she is not having any of it. She actually backs up her entire head before laughing and giving him another hug.

It shouldn’t surprise you that the video of this post-victory kiss gone wrong went immediately viral. So for the last five days, whenever Aaron Wise talked about his first career PGA Tour win, he was also talking about why his girlfriend appeared to laugh right in his faced when he tried to kiss her.

But there’s good news! It turns out she’s not actually revulsed by him and didn’t mean to laugh in his face. It was all a misunderstanding, part of a surprise that went slightly awry. Here’s what he told about the now-famous kiss denial.

“Yeah, I been giving her some s— about that,” Wise said Wednesday, prior to this week’s Fort Worth Invitational. “A lot has been made about that. It’s really nothing. Like I was saying, she was just so excited to surprise me. I was kind of ruining the surprise a little bit that she was shocked, and she didn’t even see me go in for the kiss. No hard feelings at all. We love each other a ton and we’re great. It was a funny moment that I think we’ll always be able to look back at, but that’s all it really was.”

It was obviously a crazy moment. Wise had just won his first tournament on the PGA Tour, and his girlfriend had been trying to surprise him. Even the best of couples have moments when they’re not on the same page. For this couple, it just happened to be during an important moment when they were being filmed on live television!

Counting this weekend’s Fort Worth Invitational, there are 20 more tournaments left on the PGA Tour this season. That’s 20 more chances for Wise to win again, and for him and his girlfriend to nail that celebratory kiss.

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