Golfer pals beat odds of 17 million to one by getting holes-in-one in consecutive shots on the same hole

Two golfer pals are celebrating a sporting 'miracle' after both getting holes-in-one in consecutive shots on the same hole - beating odds of 17 million to one.

Peter John, 72, and Jaswant Sidhu, 69, both landed their back-to-back aces within a minute of each other on the fifth at Wergs Golf Club, in Tettenhall, Wolverhampton.

Jaswant first achieved the feat on the 145 yard par three hole using a 9-wood before Peter incredibly did the same moments later with his next shot.

Neither had achieved a hole-in-one in 15 years of playing together and left themselves and fellow golfers John Freeman and Roger Turley gobsmacked.

The pair, both from Wolverhampton, were playing as part of a four-ball, paired teams group in a Friday Senior Stableford game on October 28.

Grandad-of-three Peter, a retired builders merchant, said: "We were on our regular Friday competition two weeks ago we got to the fifth hole and Jas went first.

“He teed a lovely shot and got a hole in one. We celebrated and it was absolutely phenomenal. I stepped up and them somehow did exactly the same thing.

“It's so unique. It's our first hole-in-one for both of us. You don’t expect to get a hole-in-one in your career.

“It's absolutely unheard of, we can’t believe it. Everyone was wanting to talk about it

“On this particular hole you can see the hole and you can see the ball roll along the green into the hole.

“Everyone was saying ‘flipping heck’. I just stood up to my tee and hit it like I normally do.

“I've been playing golf for about 20 years, with this golf club I've been here ten years.

“John and Rogers reaction was absolute surprise, then pure celebration.

“On our next competition on the Monday I hit the ball into the bunker on the same hole. But that's golf. It's a hard hole to get right.

“It's actually probably the hardest hole, you’ve got an out of bounds on the left and a bunker. Accuracy is key. You've got to have a damn good shot.

“Everyone said we should buy lottery tickets.

“Most golfers don’t get a hole in one in their whole life. We'd never ever heard of it happening before.

“To get one is special. You never really think about it and you certainly never expect it, not least when you’ve just watched someone else do it.

“The reaction from everyone at the club has been incredible. So many people have stopped to say well done. It is something neither of us will ever forget.”

The two friends were left shocked at what they had managed to achieve with only one other report of it ever happening before in Yorkshire.

Grandad-of-five Jaswant, a retired post office master, said: “I couldn’t believe it had gone in. It was incredible.

"I knew I’d hit it well but I remember joking I wanted to get to the green first to actually confirm it.

“There were a few celebrations and once that had settled down, Pete hit his shot and it was like an action replay.

"I said the ball had gone in as well, I could see it go in. None of us knew what to say. I think we were all in shock.

“We couldn’t believe it. Since I've been playing at the club no one has done what we’ve done. It is a miracle.

“I've been playing for about 15 years. It's the first hole-in-one and probably my last.

“Me and my daughter in-law were having a chat and she asked which I'd prefer, to win the lottery or this.

"And of course I said this. No one can take this away from me.”

Golf course general manager Adrian Bambrough said: "To get a hole-in-one is unlikely, to get two in the same round is very unlikely and to have two players do it in consecutive shots is pretty much unheard of.

"It really is special. Most golfers will never score a hole-in-one so we are very pleased for both of them."