Golfers Who Have Names That Make Us Think of Christmas

Sometimes a person's name will leave no doubt that his or her parents wanted to name him or her after his favorite holiday or he or she was born around that holiday -- Valentine, Bunny, Holly, Belle, Apple, Merry, etc.

However, sometimes a person's name may have a more subtle hint of a special holiday, even if his or her parents did not intend the name to have any relevance.

The following professional golfers have names that relate to Christmas -- some more obvious than others, though.

Nick Price - This one should be obvious, and just like old St. Nick himself, Nick Price is considered kind and personable to everyone he meets. Nick Price has won as many tournaments as St. Nick has toys to fill stockings and is admired and respected by his fellow golfers. In 2011, Price was presented with the Old Tom Morris Award, an award given to acknowledge an individual's commitment to golf and the welfare of the game (much like St. Nick protects the spirit of Christmas).

Angel Cabrera - An angel announced the birth of Jesus to the shepherds abiding in the field, and an angel told Mary the good news that she had been chosen to be the mother of the King of Kings. We put an angel on the top of our Christmas tree, hang angels in windows and use them to decorate throughout our homes. Angel Cabrera announced he was entering professional golf in 1989, and has had a good career in golf.

Ryan Moore - This golfer's name reminds avid readers of Clement Clarke Moore -- the author of "T'was the Night Before Christmas." This beloved Christmas poem is passed down generation by generation, much like the love of golf was passed down to Ryan Moore. Moore was taught to play golf by his father "as soon as (he) could walk."

Kris Blanks - Even though Kris Blanks says that he is named after actor Kris Kristofferson, his name still reminds me more of Kris Kringle this time of year. A list of golfers whose names make us think about Christmas would not be complete without Kris, even if we disagree with his mother about his name. According to Blanks, the movie "The Rose," starring Kristofferson, was coming out when she was pregnant with him --- maybe she was thinking about The Rose of Sharon when she named Kris.

Tim Clark - Tim Clack might not like being referred to as "Tiny Tim," but his name does make us think about the beloved story about how Scrooge learns the true meaning of Christmas. Tim Clark, at 5 feet 7 inches, may not be the tallest professional golfer, but he is certainly one of the best. Clark made his first hole-in-one at age 8, and he has made over $17 million during his career. Clark's heart may be his biggest assets -- much like Tiny Tim. Clark donated his first-place share from the November 2005 Nelson Mandela Invitational to a deaf girl who needed surgery. Golf's "Tim" definitely makes us think about the true meaning of Christmas.