A Good Girl's Guide to Murder hooks viewers in with bombshell plot twist

The Holly Jackson adaptation launched with a perfect cliffhanger in its first episode to air on BBC Three.

A Good Girl's Guide To Murder,1,AGGGTM;Pip Fitz-Amobi (EMMA MYERS),++ iPlayer Preview ++,Moonage Pictures,Joss Barratt
A Good Girl's Guide To Murder opened with a gripping cliffhanger. (BBC)

A Good Girl's Guide to Murder opened with a thrilling plot twist in the first episode.

Holly Jackson's book has been adapted into a BBC Three drama that began airing on Wednesday night after previously being released as a box set on BBC iPlayer.

The series jumped straight into the action at the end of episode one with a gripping moment designed to keep viewers coming back for more.

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BBC Three's adaptation of Holly Jackson thriller A Good Girl's Guide to Murder got off to an explosive start with a gripping cliffhanger sure to hook viewers.

The popular novel about studious Pip Fitz-Amobi who is determined to solve a local murder as part of a school summer project made its long-awaited debut on BBC Three on Wednesday - and it didn't disappoint.

A Good Girl's Guide To Murder,1,(L-R);AGGGTM; Ravi Singh (ZAIN IQBAL); Pip Fitz-Amobi (EMMA MYERS),Moonage Pictures,Joss Barratt
Ravi had a bombshell piece of information for Pip. (BBC)

Emma Myers takes the lead as Pip who is on a mission to find out what really happened to Andie Bell, missing for five years and presumed murdered after her boyfriend Sal Singh apparently confessed to the crime and then killed himself.

For reasons as yet unexplained, Pip is certain Sal couldn't have done it, and her suspicions appeared to have been proved right in episode one's cliffhanger which saw Sal's brother Ravi hand over Sal's mobile with the apparent confession.

However, as Ravi pointed out: "Sal was the smartest person I knew, but he texted like an illiterate."

As the penny dropped, Pip replied: "The grammar...it's perfect," with the out-of-character confession text seeming likely to have been written by a mystery person who wasn't Sal.

It was a thrilling moment for fans of the story and proved the perfect ending for episode one, setting the scene for the twisty storyline to come.

A Good Girl's Guide To Murder,1,AGGGTM;Pip Fitz-Amobi (EMMA MYERS),Moonage Pictures,Joss Barratt
Emma Myers has told fans to look out for a hint at a new season adaptation. (BBC)

Holly Jackson fans who are hoping for a full book series adaptation have been offered a glimmer of a promise with a blink and you'll miss it moment.

Jude Morgan-Collie's character Connor mentions the Duct Tape Killer, or DTK, who Pip investigates in the third novel As Good As Dead in one forthcoming scene.

Myers told Yahoo: "I was honestly excited to see what they would do because I wanted a mention of the killer anywhere. I don't want to spoil anything obviously if people haven't read the books, but man I was so happy when I saw that they gave Jude that line.

"All of us were were like, 'oh, we're going to talk about it. We're going to talk about it'. But I think it was a good idea to put that in there because obviously people will point to Easter eggs and will get excited about them for future each seasons, if we do them."

A Good Girl's Guide to Murder airs on BBC Three at 9pm and 9.45pm on Wednesdays and streams on BBC iPlayer.