‘Good job I didn’t ask that question’: GMB hosts in awkward exchange with Rachel Reeves during tax cuts interview

Susanna Reid had an awkward exchange on Monday’s (26 September) episode of Good Morning Britain, after cracking a joke about Rachel Reeves’s new haircut.

The ITV morning show host made the comments during a conversation about tax cuts in the new government mini-budget.

She alluded to the fact that it appeared further cuts had been made, referencing Reeves’s hair, an exchange that was made even more awkward when Reeves had trouble hearing the GMB host, forcing her to repeat the joke.

Co-host Ed Balls appeared surprised by Reid’s comments, remarking: “Good job I didn’t say that about her hair – I’d be in total trouble!”

However, Reid defended her comment on air, claiming that a new hairstyle on a public figure such as an MP was noticeable.

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The awkward moment in the GMB studio also fell flat with many viewers at home, who shared their thoughts on social media.

”@Susannareid100 any need to be so cruel about the guest speakers hair? This is when @GMB acts like a petty school playground,” one person wrote on Twitter. “I couldn’t focus on the rest of the conversation as this school-girl bullying annoyed me.”

“Never mind her hair, ask about policy,” another commented, while a third described the remark as “patronising”.

“Have you had your hair cut ... what sort of comment is that to start an interview, as Ed Balls says he would be in big trouble if he had made such a comment!” someone else wrote.

Others seemed disgruntled as they wanted the GMB hosts to focus on the impact of the cuts, amid the news that the pound has plunged by nearly five per cent – to an all-time low – following the introduction of Liz Truss’s government’s fiscal plan.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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