'Good Morning Britain' star Ben Shephard tickles viewers with cheeky comment

Watch: Ben Shephard makes cheeky joke on GMB

Good Morning Britain star Ben Shephard surprised his co-host and tickled viewers when he made a cheeky joke aimed at his colleague Laura Tobin.

Weather presenter Tobin had been reporting from the grounds of a hotel in Horsham that contained Britain's biggest rhododendron bush.

“I have literally never seen a bush this big,” she told viewers, as she posed in front of the huge pink and green plant.

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Later on, Shephard and his co-presenter Ranvir Singh were talking to chat show host Lorraine Kelly when he brought it up.

“I was intrigued to see whether you had seen Laura's bush this morning though?,” he asked cheekily, adding: “It's a world record breaker.”

Kelly started to giggle, as she agreed about how big it was.

Laughing, Singh told Shephard: “Oh please stop it!”

Viewers thought the exchange was hilarious.

One posted a message on Twitter saying that it was a “magic moment”.

Another tweeted: “Oh Ben trust you!!!! But you did make me smile.”

“I almost choked on my coffee,” said another person.

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Other viewers praised Tobin for giving them a chuckle.

“Only you could day 'I've literally never seen a bush this size in my life before'," said one, adding: “Thank you for bringing a smile to my face.”

Another person posted: "Hilarious 'I've literally never seen a bush this size before'... Only you Laura only you."