Rishi Sunak's Good Morning Britain Appearance Attracts Ofcom Complaints

Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s recent appearance on Good Morning Britain has attracted Ofcom complaints.

Over 1,000 viewers contacted the TV watchdog after the chancellor of the exchequer appeared on the ITV breakfast show last Thursday to discuss his new budget plans.

Ofcom confirmed to The Sun that the complaints it received after the show related to the interview with Sunak, but the paper reported it did not detail specifically what viewers had objected to.

However, Ofcom later told the Manchester Evening News that the complaints “relate to inaccuracies by Rishi Sunak” during the interview.

As is standard procedure, the regulator will now assess all the complaints before deciding whether or not to investigate.

Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid spoke to Rishi Sunak on Good Morning Britain (Photo: ITV/Shutterstock)
Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid spoke to Rishi Sunak on Good Morning Britain (Photo: ITV/Shutterstock)

During the interview, the Ben clashed with Sunak as he pressed him on people who had been unable to receive financial support from the government during the pandemic.

He said that some self-employed people had received “not a penny from the government”, and quoted a tweet from Sunak that read: “You have not been forgotten. We will not leave you behind. We are all in this together.”

Posing this to the chancellor, Ben said: “Unfortunately that’s not true, is it? There are 2.9million people, nearly nine per cent of the workforce, that are currently excluded or forgotten about from all of these schemes.

“For one reason or another they cannot get access to some of those schemes that you have put into place.”

The MP replied: “I don’t think that three million number is right and you’ve used it.

“It includes 1.5million people who do not qualify for the support scheme because they are not majority self-employed.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story has been updated to reflect Ofcom’s confirmation that complaints it received related to “inaccuracies by Rishi Sunak” during his interview on Good Morning Britain.


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