'Good Morning Britain' viewers spot 'big cat' in bushes behind Andi Peters

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Watch: 'Big cat' spotted prowling on GMB

Good Morning Britain viewers believe they spotted a "big cat" on the banks of a lake in Hertfordshire where presenter Andi Peters was filming.

The 50-year-old was shooting a segment for the ITV breakfast show's £100k giveaway phone-in competition on a boat at the Rickmansworth Aquadrome when he mentioned a viewer had contacted the show to say they had seen a strange creature lurking on the banks behind him.

Peters and hosts Adil Ray and Ranvir Singh in the studio laughed off the supposed sighting.

Viewer and video journalist Matt Capon posted a clip on Twitter, captioned: "When I heard @andipeters mention that #GMB viewers had spotted something on the banks of the lake in Rickmansworth I went back and had a look..."

'Big cat' spotted on GMB (ITV)
The 'big cat' spotted on GMB. (ITV)

But GMB producers have since played back the footage, which shows a black animal with a tail, the size of a dog, emerge the bushes in the background and walk along the bank in the prowling manner of a feline.

Series director Erron Gordon tweeted: "So myself and two of our fab @GMB team @CameronDLWalker & @xemilymulliganx had a look at this post show in the newsroom and I’m certain it’s a dog, Emily and Cameron think otherwise #ItsADog."

Andi Peters attends the National Television Awards 2014 on January 22, 2014 in London, England. (Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)
Andi Peters was fliming from Hertfordshire when viewers supposedly spotted a big cat in the background. (Getty Images)

GMB team member Emily Mulligan posted: "It's a wolf."

Sen Monro replied: "If that's a dog cuzzie, then I'm staying this side of Hertfordshire!! That looks like very large wild cat."

Police search fields in North Antrim, Belfast, following sightings of a big cat. The search follows more than 20 sightings of a wild animal, thought to be a puma, in the area since August. A helicopter and police air support unit is also involved in a dawn till dusk operation to try to catch or kill the animal.   (Photo by Paul Faith - PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images)
Police search fields in North Antrim, Belfast, in 2003 following multiple sightings of a big cat. (Getty Images)

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Viewers were also speculating on what the animal could be.

Liz Little claimed: "Black panther made it's way to the UK!"

Kath Wilson tweeted: "It did catch my eye.. looked bigger than a dog at 1st glance but could've been the angle.."

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