'Good Morning Britain' viewers up in arms as strippers appear on ITV breakfast show

Amy West
'Good Morning Britain' viewers weren't impressed when Richard Arnold invited three male strippers on the show this morning (ITV)

Good Morning Britain viewers were “shocked” on Friday 19 July when three male strippers appeared on the ITV breakfast show.

In honour of Love Island’s recent Men at Work challenge, entertainment reporter Richard Arnold encouraged the dancers to approach presenters Charlotte Hawkins, Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway after he finished recapping last night’s episode.

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The men - who were all dressed as construction workers as they donned high-visibility vests, blue jeans and hard hats - attempted to wow the giggling hosts by taking their shirts off and gyrating behind the GMB desk.

“Well done, lads,” an enthusiastic Arnold said, while Shephard seemed slightly less amused.

“You look lovely,” a red-faced Garraway told one of the performers. “It’s wonderful. It’s all just spectacular.”

But fans who were tuning in at home didn’t seem to agree, accusing the show of being “sexist” and “shameful”.

“Shocking to see #GMB using male strippers this morning. Imagine if it was the other way around. Social media would go into meltdown,” one Twitter user wrote, while another said: “I find that highly upsetting that you are promoting a body image that all men can’t live up to.

“If that was women doing that there would be an uproar. [sic]”

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Others said they were baffled by the fact that ITV deemed it appropriate to air such a segment so early on in the day.

“I found it really bizarre that this was shown at this time in the morning,” another Twitter user explained. “Children getting ready for school and men dancing seductively and removing their shirts, not appropriate when children are watching.”

“What a disgrace,” said one more. “No wonder children now a days grow up too soon, when they are subjected to this on a daily basis. Sometimes I worry what morals you guys have. It has crept too much into pre 9pm watershed.”

Some viewers managed to see the funny side, though.

“Ben Shepherd’s face at having to watch male strippers at 6:11am is a mood,” one joked, while another said: “I would of snogged them all, they are fit as.”