Good Morning Britain’s Susanna Reid slates shepherd’s pie in heated debate

Aimée Grant Cumberbatch

Good Morning Britain host Susanna Reid has waded into a debate about what constitutes a pie.

The presenter and her fellow breakfast show hosts sparked a heated debate as they discussed the results of a survey on the nation’s favourite pie.

Ben Shephard revealed that shepherd’s pie came out on top, but Reid wasn’t convinced.

“Shepherd’s pie is not a pie!” she exclaimed.

Pied off: Susanna Reid claims shepherd's pie isn't a real pie (ITV)

Shephard replied: “You’re just creating a whole new world of debate. That’s like saying Jaffa Cake is not a cake.”

But Reid wasn’t deterred, claiming that shepherd’s pie was just "casserole with a lid".

“Mince with mashed potato on top is not a pie. A pie is pastry – and not just on the top, because that’s a casserole with a lid on,” she insisted.

As the rest of the results were read out, with cottage pie coming in second and fish pie placing third, even Shephard began to express disbelief.

He threw the paper with the survey results over his shoulder shouting: “This poll’s ridiculous! It’s an outrage! What were you thinking for heaven’s sake?!”

The debate continued, even expanding to include Yorkshire puddings and whether or not they can actually be called puddings.

Good Morning Britain continues weekdays at 6am on ITV.