Good Morning Britain viewers in hysterics over Gene Simmons’s reasoning for not taking drugs

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Gene Simmons on GMB  (ITV)
Gene Simmons on GMB (ITV)

Kiss star Gene Simmons gave Good Morning Britain viewers some life advice, which left them in hysterics.

In an interview on Thursday (14 April), the Kiss rock star explained his secrets to looking good and still being able to perform at the age of 72.

Simmons revealed he lives a “clean life”, despite his rock persona as The Demon.

He also told viewers their “spankle” won’t work if they drink too much.

The musician said: “Kids, if you don’t use drugs and you don’t smoke or drink, you can hold your hand in front of your face and it won’t do that [shakes hand].

“It’s like a car engine – if you put some sand in it along with the fuel, it’s not going to work and you’re not gonna live long pal.”

The rock star, went on to explain how living without drugs and alcohol makes him look better.

Gene Simmons, pictured performing at a charity concert (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images for The Children Matter)
Gene Simmons, pictured performing at a charity concert (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images for The Children Matter)

“So clean life – by the way takes away a lot of lines on your face, I’m not wearing any make-up at all. You should see me though, I wear more make-up and higher heels than the ladies do,” he said.

Gene explained: “Clean life, surround yourself with no stress, just friends. Go to the pub less, don’t do that stuff. You’re going to wind up throwing up on some girl’s shoes when you’re chatting.

“You’re not going to remember and if you drink enough, your spankle’s not going to work. Don’t do it.”

Good Morning Britain presenter Adil Ray asked Simmons how he managed to avoid alcohol, smoking, and drugs throughout his rock career. “The word no is in the dictionary,” he responded.

“For those of you that are in the Gen Z, a dictionary is made out of paper and there are words in there and it tells you what words mean,” he said.

Viewers responded on Twitter, with one calling the interview “the best life advice ever” and another saying “he made me laugh so much”.

One viewer tweeted: “Gene Simmons is a ledge.”

“Gene Simmons interview on the morning telly has put the biggest smile on my face,” another viewer wrote.

A Twitter user said the morning laugh was welcome. “It was a pleasant change to have such humour in the mornings with all that is going on in the world,” they said.

One person commented that Simmons is “a legend, so funny and an absolute darling man”.

Simmons recently said Kanye West deserved “a good slap” for being an “a**hole” to Kim Kardashian.

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