This Morning viewers impressed by passionate pensioner as she insists she'd rather go to prison than pay BBC TV licence fee

April Roach
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Ivy insisted she would rather go to jail than pay the BBC TV licence fee: GMB
Ivy insisted she would rather go to jail than pay the BBC TV licence fee: GMB

This Morning viewers were impressed by the "angry" reaction of pensioner Ivy who insisted she would rather go to jail than pay the new TV licence fee for over-75s.

The BBC revealed on July 9 that free TV licences for most over-75s will end on August 1.

It means that more than three million households will be asked to start paying the £157.50 fee from the start of next month.

The announcement sparked outrage from those who believe the licence should remain free for the over-75s age category.

Among the critics is Ivy, an 82-year-old woman who fumed the BBC was "screwing" people her age with its decision.

"I can pay it, I’m not on this for me," Ivy told This Morning hosts Dermot O'Leary and Rochelle Humes.

"I’m on for other people who don’t have as much as I do. Some pensioners use their televisions as friends.

"They put it on when they get up in the morning, they watch it, they listen to it, because it’s like someone in their home."

She added: "‘And now they have to pay for that privilege? No! ‘The BBC are screwing them for £157 a year, for c**p. Yeah, I’m angry."

When Mr O'Leary joked that he didn't want Ivy "serving time in the clink", Ivy responded by saying that she didn't mind serving the time.

"If I go to prison, I’ll get three meals a day, I’ll get a room, I’ll get free TV in there," she said.

The 82-year-old pensioner was praised on social media for her making a "good point".

"Go Ivy!" said one Twitter user. "The only person who has made sense on TV for ages - she is happy to go to prison as the tv will be free there!

"What a disgusting way to treat our pensioners #bbc should be hanging their heads in shame."

There were calls to Ivy a "regular slot" on the morning show.

Others noted that the GMB hosts seemed "lost for words" after hear Ivy's statement.

Another social media user said: "Fantastic and well said. Most people getting this benefit have worked for years.

"It shouldn’t be means tested either for this reason we’ve already paid our tax."

The BBC was due to introduce means-testing at the start of last month, but it was delayed until August because of the coronavirus.

Exceptions will be made only for households where someone receives the Pension Credit benefit.

TV Licensing said it will write directly to over-75s customers with guidance and no immediate action is required.

It also said people “will be given plenty of time to set up their new licence”.

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