Good Morning Britain weather presenter in tears of laughter during live broadcast

Ellie Harrison
·1-min read
Laura Tobin on GMB (ITV)
Laura Tobin on GMB (ITV)

Good Morning Britain presenter Laura Tobin couldn’t stop laughing during her latest weather segment.

The host was so amused by something on Thursday morning’s show (8 October) that she struggled to get through the weather segment.

As the show returned after an ad break, the camera panned onto Tobin, who was standing by the green screen, mid-guffaw.

“Sorry, welcome back to Good Morning Britain,” she gasped. “Someone said something funny in the break, that’s all.”

She then tried to give an update on the weather forecast but found herself unable to speak, and at one point ended up in tears of laughter.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry,” she laughed. "So unprofessional, I'm so sorry."

Laura Tobin on GMBITV
Laura Tobin on GMBITV

The crew in the studio could also be heard in fits of laughter, while Tobin called out co-host Ben Shephard for looking at her and making her giggle even more.