Good Morning Britain XL Bully debate slammed by viewers after shouting match

People arguin on GMB
-Credit: (Image: ITV)

ITV viewers took to social media platforms this Thursday after witnessing a fiery exchange between Mike Parry and Kay Taiwo on Good Morning Britain regarding the contentious issue of XL bullies. The debate, sparked by recent attacks involving the breed that resulted in injuries to two boys, aged 5 and 15, and the death of a Hornchurch woman, saw both participants refusing to yield.

Dog trainer Kay brought her own well-trained and muzzled XL Bully, Naija, onto the show, but the presence of the dog did little to temper the heated discussion. Mike Parry, 69, staunchly advocated for the euthanasia of XL bullies, while Kay vehemently defended them.

In the midst of their intense debate, Kay retorted, "You're not making sense. If you're talking about the size of a dog making you afraid, there are so many dogs you can feel afraid of," with Mike responding with equal intensity. Viewers at home shared their vexation on social media.

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One viewer expressed their annoyance on X, previously known as Twitter, stating: "To be honest I'd rather see that muzzle on Parry," as reported by the Mirror. As the volume of the debate rose, another viewer chimed in: "I agree but bro stop shouting."

Another comment read: "Why is he shouting", while a different viewer pleaded with the GMB guests: "NO NEED TO SHOUT, legit had to turn the TV down her volume is three times anyone else."

The debate has sparked an online discussion about XL bullies, with many expressing fear for the breed's future. "Have never trusted dogs, especially the big ones. However, calling for XL Bully genocide is a bit extreme? ," one individual commented.

Another suggested: "All XL bullys need to be neutered. A free neutering scheme should be started immediately. A ban on sale of XL dogs and puppies. Mass extermination is not the way but naturally phasing them out would be best."

A disgruntled viewer criticised Good Morning Britain for the short coverage of the debate: "Why bother trailing a debate on XL bullies for 3hrs but then only give said debate 5 minutes? During which they both just shout at each other."