Good Morning Britain's Piers Morgan blames coronavirus scare on "bad hay fever"

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Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan recently took some time off after displaying coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms, although a test he took stated that he had not contracted it.

Now he has stated that he is suffering from a really strong bout of hay fever, and thinks that that was what led him to think he may have had coronavirus.

"Worst hay fever I've ever had," he tweeted. "Know pollen count's very high, but anyone else getting it so bad? Any theories as to why? Is reduced pollution during lockdown a factor?"

Photo credit: ITV

Sky News' Deborah Haynes replied to say that she had to reassure people that her red-eyed look and constant sneezing were pollen related, to which Piers said: "Exactly! I genuinely thought I had it [COVID-19] several weeks ago, now I’m sure it was bad hay fever.

"Lot of similar symptoms apart from the fever, ironically."

After taking further time off, Piers returned to Good Morning Britain today (June 1) and wasted no time in reacting to the major Dominic Cummings scandal of last week.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Piers has been very critical of the MPs who have appeared on the show, to the point where he is tweeting that the majority of them are refusing to come on the show (or have been blocked from doing so).

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While Ofcom has received many complaints about his interviews, Piers recently confirmed that he's on Good Morning Britain to stay – he's just signed a new contract.

Good Morning Britain airs every weekday morning on ITV.

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