If you have a good sex life, you're more likely to cheat, says new study

Alice Howarth
Becca Tapert / Unsplash

Think most people would cheat because they’re not satisfied in their current relationship? Seemingly not.

A new study, undertaken by researchers at Florida State University, has found that people are actually more likely to cheat if they’re already sexually satisfied because better sex means you want more of it.

The scientists studied 233 newlyweds over the course of three years and a half years and found some illuminating results that actually spanned a range of infidelity indicators. Age, sex and attractiveness all play different roles.

Alongside those who are already in a satisfying relationship, younger people and “less attractive” females were also more likely to cheat but this was not the same for men. It was found that more “attractive” men were more likely to stray.

Alongside researching each of the couple marital behaviours, the researchers also tested them to try and find out if there were active signs that someone is more likely to cheat than another.

In one trial, they showed the couples pictures of attractive people and recorded how long they looked at them for and the results were staggering. The scientists actually found that a person who looked at an attractive person for just a few hundred milliseconds longer was 50 per cent more likely to cheat than someone who voluntarily stopped looking at the picture.

The good thing is, if you are more likely to cheat, the scientists did offer ways to deter it. They said that practising the techniques of 'attentional disengagement' (avoiding thinking about a potential romantic partner's attractiveness) and 'evaluative devaluation' (downplaying the potential partner's attractiveness in your mind) can help to stop the likeness of you actioning your desire.

Let’s just hope they’re right.

This study was first published in Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.