Good Vibrations: Deaf Collie Sits Beside Harp Every Time Owner Plays

Jessy, a family pet from Dublin, has been deaf since birth, but the collie still likes to enjoy the music her owner makes, as seen in this footage taken on March 24.

Whenever Jessy’s owner, Muireann Mc Quillan, plays the harp, her pet likes to lie beneath the soundboard of the instrument so she too can enjoy the music via the vibrations.

Jessy was adopted as a ten-week-old puppy eight years ago from a shelter by Mc Quillan and her family and, according to the musician, the family “immediately fell in love.”

Mc Quillan told Storyful that Jessy “is an extremely placid, friendly, sweet and playful dog who loves absolutely everybody.”

She added, “We quickly realized that Jessy had no hearing and never responds to even the loudest sounds. We use hand signals and bang on the ground to get Jessy’s attention. She can even do tricks like sit and paw.”

The music being played in the video is a traditional Irish tune entitled The Swan. Mc Quillan told Storyful that her pet particularly enjoys this type of soothing lullaby-like melody.

She said, “The moment you sit down to play she lies against [the sound board], feeling the vibration in the wood and often falls asleep to it. She is the most wonderful, unique, music-loving dog and we would never change her.” Credit: Muireann McQuillan via Storyful