Google launches new tools to help one billion people make 'greener choices' by 2022

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As part of its commitment to help one billion people make more sustainable choices by 2022, Google has announced new tools to give people greener options.

The search engine is looking to help its users become more environmentally friendly - including shoppers, holidaymakers, commuters and homeowners.

Below are just a few of the tools being introduced:

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Travellers will now be able to find carbon emissions information on Google Flights. They will be able to see associated carbon emissions per seat for every flight, and quickly find lower-carbon options.

And there will be details on hotel sustainability efforts, from waste reduction and water conservation measures to whether they are Green Key or EarthCheck certified.


When people search for energy-intensive products like dishwashers or washing machines, suggestions in the Shopping tab will help narrow your search to cost-effective and sustainable options.


A new service called Nest Review - which uses a feature called Energy Shift - will help users automatically shift electricity usage for heating to times when energy is cleaner or less expensive.


Google Maps will let you choose the route with the lowest carbon emissions. The company says this could save over one million tonnes of carbon emissions per year.


An easier navigation feature for cyclists is being launched on Maps, making it simpler to find bikes and scooter shares in more than 300 cities around the world.

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