Google mentioned 'AI' 120+ times during its I/O keynote

It ran 110 minutes, but Google managed to reference AI a whopping 121 times during Google I/O 2024 (by its own count). CEO Sundar Pichai referenced the figure to wrap up the presentation, cheekily stating that the company was doing the "hard work" of counting for us.

No surprise, of course, that the topic took center stage, but even so, it's an impressive figure for a presentation that ran roughly 110 minutes, all told.

Gemini and its various iterations stole the spotlight (after preshow warmup act Marc Rebillet was finished with it). Google is incorporating the LLM-based platform into virtually every one of its offerings, including Android, Search and Gmail.

The tech giant had a hard act to follow, with OpenAI's last GPT announcement sucking a fair bit of air out of the room at Shoreline Amphitheater a day prior. Apple is also expected to be announcing a deal to incorporate OpenAI's technology into its own offerings as part of its own developer conference, WWDC, next month.

See for yourself how often AI was mentioned during the keynote.

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