Google's designing smart home tech that could see your house tell your children off

Google is reportedly designing technology that would allow your home to tell your children off for you.

The smart home technology would keep an eye on your kids, reprimanding them when they step out of line.

A Google patent spotted by Fox News suggests that cameras, microphones and smart sensors would allow your home to watch your children’s every move, warning them when they’re naughty.

Report back – the smart home technology could let parents know what their children are up to via reports on their smartphone (Pictures: Getty)

They could also report back to parents via a smartphone app.

“When children are near a drinks cabinet or are in their parents’ bedroom alone, the system may infer that mischief is likely to be occurring,” the patent says.


And according to some reports, it could even keep an eye on “chore completion”, making sure all the household tasks get done.

It is thought the technology could also monitor the “emotional state” of people in the household, using facial recognition or wearable technology.