Goose The Cat: What To Know About The Marvels Breakout Star In Real Life

 Goose the Cat in Captain Marvel.
Goose the Cat in Captain Marvel.

One movie animal that owned 2019 when Captain Marvel came out was Goose the Cat, or rather, the Flerken. This little ginger kitty may be adorable for the eyes but not for any enemies when Goose’s tentacles come out. As The Marvels just came out this past weekend, it’s time to put the spotlight on what the film’s breakout star, Goose the Cat, is like in real life.

80% of Goose’s shots in Captain Marvel may have been CGI, but the other 20% was a real-life cat named Reggie who deserves love for his performance. According to People, head trainer and Boone’s Animals for Hollywood co-owner, Ursula Brauner, said she knew feline actor Reggie was perfect as Goose the Cat because of his easy-going personality. The very shy feline was adopted as a rescue cat of the facility at the age of two, and has been trained ever since. As each film project this cat works on presents him with new tricks of the trade to learn, Brauner said Reggie takes his job very seriously.

Reggie absolutely knows when he is on the job. He also knows when we nailed a shot! Sometimes. if he doesn’t hit his mark the first time. he goes back to ‘one’ on his own to try it again. Sometimes he gets distracted en-route but realizes it and resets himself. He is just the best!

This cat really is the best! How many can you say are willing to fight evil with their owners and have ferocious tentacles growing out of their faces? Just watch Goose the Cat’s audition video if you want proof of feline talent. During Reggie the Cat’s spare time, when he’s not completing action sequences or being a scene-stealer, he lives at home with his trainers and schmoozes with other cat actors at the Animals for Hollywood ranch. And apparently if you want to shower this cat with love, he’s actually a big fan of chicken. I feel like I would have to if I don’t want my eye to get clawed out next!

Once Captain Marvel came out in 2019, Goose, who's a she within the MCU, became a celebrated cat. She stole the show in massive banners looking absolutely magnificent. As cuteness sells, it’s no wonder Kevin Feige pushed for more of the feline in the action/adventure movie. Apparently, Feige asked for Goose script content to go up to 200%. As the ginger cat’s secret identity ended up being a Flerken and was the hidden reason why Nick Fury was blind in one eye, it’s no wonder she was more developed than I expected him to be. It’s a good call on the Marvel Studio boss as Goose became such a beloved Marvel character. Captain Marvel’s stars Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson also showed the cat some love on Love Your Pet Day, and you can’t help but gush as they gush over her. Goose even got a new poster for herself for National Cat Day, making her look more triumphant than ever.

If you’re wondering if Reggie the Cat makes an appearance in the MCU sequel The Marvels, you’ll be disappointed. Because filming for the new Marvel movie took place in the United Kingdom, according to ET, Reggie had to stay put in Hollywood and was replaced by two identical orange tabbies named Tango and Nemo. Even if Reggie won’t continue to play the adorable Flerken, you can still expect to see big things for Goose in The Marvels, as producer Mary Livanos said she comes with surprises of her own and a lot in store. More surprising than discovering tentacles coming out of her face? Now, I’m really curious what else is in store for this fuzzy sidekick.

Reggie the Cat seems to be your everyday cat when he’s not busy fighting bad guys with Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson. He eats chicken and loves to be social with other feline actors. To see what journey Goose the Cat will be on next, you can watch the 2023 movie release of The Marvels in theaters now. You can also see Reggie the Cat in Captain Marvel, which is available with your Disney+ subscription.