GOP leader opposes additional aid for Ukraine and Israel over border concerns — NYT

Mitch McConnell
Mitch McConnell

Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell has spoken out against voting for additional funding for Ukraine and Israel in order to “underscore one last time” that his party seeks tougher measures to protect the U.S. border, The New York Times reported on Dec. 5.

“I hope all our members will vote no,” McConnell told reporters. He, previously a staunch Republican supporter of extending arms to Ukraine, claimed that his party’s resistance to the bill was “to make the point, hopefully for the final time, that we insist on meaningful changes to the border.”

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His response comes as U.S. Democrats attempt to secure additional aid for Ukraine, introducing a $111 billion national security measures package that includes assistance for Ukraine and Israel, as well as funding for border protection with Mexico.

The bill is expected to face its first procedural vote on Dec. 6, as Democrats warn that Ukraine is experiencing a resource shortage amid its defense against the full-scale Russian invasion.

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Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson claimed that the aid package for Israel and Ukraine, which he argues is lacking essential measures for the protection of the U.S. southern border, “has no chance of passage.”

“Rather than engaging with congressional Republicans to discuss logical reforms, the Biden administration has ignored reality, choosing instead to engage in political posturing,” Johnson wrote.

He stated that Republic support for additional funding for Ukraine depends on the acceptance of transformative changes to U.S. border security laws, adding that U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration must also provide lawmakers with information on how the aid provided to Ukraine has been utilized — despite this information being readily available to legislators.

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