Gordon Ramsay reveals we've been making this popular dish all wrong

Gordon Ramsay has shared his top tips for making the "most amazing burger" – and there's one thing you may be doing wrong. As well as making sure your ingredients are as high quality as possible, the one secret to success is not moving the burger once it hits the grill.

While many of us might be tempted to poke or even flip the burger, Gordon says that this can actually cause it to break. Sharing his top tips in a video for Good Morning America, he said: "Once you put the burger on the grill, the secret is to move it as little as possible. The more you move it, the more chance you've got of breaking the burger."


Gordon Ramsay has revealed how to make the perfect burger

Gordon also said that the "secret to a burger is in the blend", revealing that for his restaurant-quality burgers he uses chuck ground beef with a "little bit of brisket". And this isn't a job to be rushed; once binding the meat with egg, he lets them sit for an entire day before they're ready to grill.

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Another top tip is to add flavour with a Devonshire butter basting, a technique he uses in his own restaurants. The celebrity chef brushes the burgers with liquefied butter on both sides while they're on the grill, helping to add a "wonderful flavour" to the meat. Gordon suggested even adding red wine or chipotle to the butter to enhance the flavour, and told budding chefs never to underestimate the importance of toppings.

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The ultimate topping is "fresh, grilled onions", which you can even place on the grill along with the burgers, and add to the top with a grilled bun, cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise as soon as the meat is cooked as quickly as possible. "It is a really important tip," Gordon said, adding: "Why? It stops the burger going cold and also you want to eat it when it's piping hot."

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