Gordon Ramsay unrecognisable as he dons disguise of elderly historian for reality series

Amy Johnson
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Gordon Ramsay was unrecognisable as he donned the disguise of an old man for his US reality show 24 Hours to Hell and Back.

In order to appear as a regular customer to restaurant staff, the chef donned prosthetics and a dramatic change of wardrobe to play an elderly historian on programme which typically sees him try to turnaround a failing eatery in the space of a day.

However, the special episode took him to Ellicott City in Maryland as he attempted to give a boost to three businesses in the flood-hit area, helping out a barbershop and a bar as well as the restaurant.

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Ramsay sported a fake beard and nose and donned glasses, a grey wig and bowtie in his initial visit to the eatery to scope it out.

He went on to remove his disguise to reveal his true identity to the surprised staff and patrons.

The Hell's Kitchen star filmed the episode back in February, prior to lockdown measures implemented in the US and UK.

The show's official Twitter account shared a message from Ramsay who shared that Ellicott City had been closed down like much of the world, but that he believed in its future.

"Shortly after my departure, Ellicott City, like the rest of the country, temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 virus," the tweet read. “I truly believe Main Street will open and thrive once again.

"When it does, I hope you will join me in bringing life and tourism back to this amazing town."

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Meanwhile, Ramsay is among the stars who have been criticised for their lockdown conduct.

After relocating to his Cornwall home in March, he was said to have been given an official warning after he was spotted 25 miles away from his house by the coastguard.

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