Gordon Ramsay's full English pizza with baked beans causes uproar

Gordon divides fans with a Full English breakfast pizza
-Credit: (Image: (Image: Facebook/Gordon Ramsay))

Gordon Ramsay has sparked a debate among food enthusiasts after creating a full English breakfast pizza, complete with baked beans.

The outspoken chef, who has a home in Cornwall, loaded the breakfast-themed dish with beans, sausage, black pudding and a fried egg. The pizza even included elements of a Bloody Mary, with vodka and Tabasco and Lea and Perrins sauces mixed into the tomato sauce base.

Pizza lovers were outraged by his creation, labelling it a desecration of the cherished dish. One disgruntled fan remarked: "You lost me with the beans bro." Another vented: "The base is charcoal. The beans are an abomination.", reports the Express.

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Others echoed these sentiments: "Baked beans should never go on a pizza! Gordon always complains about pineapple! How could he think baked beans are better! ".

Gordon visited Portmeirion in north Wales for his online Scrambled series. Using a portable pizza unit owned by Cardiff-based pizza experts the Pizza Boys, he managed to ignite a near-diplomatic dispute.

The pizza features a sourdough base, but from there the chef blends tomatoes, vodka, Lea and Perrins' and Tabasco sauces, before spooning in dollops of Heinz baked beans.

"Who doesnt love baked beans? " Chef Ramsay cheerfully comments, before adding: "So we have this Bloody Mary base with these beautiful baked beans running through the centre."

The pizza is then embellished with local seaweed, adding an original Welsh touch. Joined by smoked pancetta, local mushrooms, Welsh sausage and black pudding, the pizza is topped off with a central egg yolk and bountiful portions of Snowdonia's Black Bomber cheese.

Gordon has faith that this invention will become a fixture in Wales. "Then the egg. Trust me there's no full English anywhere without a beautiful fried egg so that's going to sit in the middle. Fingers crossed this beauty's going to come off," the TV celebrity noted.

Gordon admitted he had preliminary uncertainties about the baked beans but was pleased with the final outcome. Nevertheless, his creation ignited uproar among Italians.

According to one incensed Rome resident: "You f------g murderer....vodka and tabasco in the sauce..never come to Italy anymore."

An anguished Italian native implored: "Noooooo, please! ! ! ! Respect the pizza."