Gordon Ramsay's Next Level Chef crowns winner

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Gordon Ramsay's Next Level Chef crowns winnerStudio Ramsay - ITV

Next Level Chef UK spoilers follow.

The British version of Next Level Chef has crowned its first winner in tonight's (March 2) finale.

Social media cook Jade Greenhalgh won Gordon Ramsay's challenging reality cooking show, seeing contestants not just having to present delicious dishes, but also having to cook under less than favourable circumstances.

The 34-year-old food blogger from Lancashire took the biscuit (and the £100k cash prize and a year-long mentorship) in the final episode also thanks to her matter-of-fact approach, something that stunned Ramsay and the other two experts, Next Level Chef USA star Nyesha Arrington and MasterChef's Paul Ainsworth.

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Studio Ramsay - ITV

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"Jade is the absolute character that Next Level Chef personifies: humble, focused, earnest," Ramsay said.

"Earnest is something that you don't see a lot in today's world, especially in cooking as it's all flamboyant. Her approach is just so goddamn down to earth. There is something quite steely about her focus," he continued.

Arrington echoed Ramsay's feelings, saying: "You can truly see the joy that comes through in her cooking."

Ainsworth admitted he wanted to have her on his team, explaining how having her big break on social media "gave her a really good insight into cooking on the hop".

next level chef uk nyesha jade
Studio Ramsay - ITV

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Ramsay then defined Jade a "dream student".

"Jade already had the most important quality for a chef in the making: flavour. I can teach you how to dress a plate but I can't teach you how to taste. I just needed to brush up on her execution skills," the chef added.

For her part, the newly announced winner has defined the experience "life-changing".

"I absolutely loved cooking before and creating recipes before the competition, [but] now it's just taken it to another level."

Next Level Chef is available to stream on ITVX.

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