Gorgeous country crowned safest retirement destination for Britons with amazing healthcare

TRAVEL: Christchurch
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With the UK's cost of living crisis biting, many Brits have been toying with the idea of retiring abroad, enticed by the promise of sunnier skies and lower costs. But where's the top spot for a secure and enjoyable retirement?

The safest haven for expat retirees, as highlighted by Penfold's financial gurus, is none other than New Zealand. Outshining the UK for safety and sheer joy of living, New Zealand clinches the title effortlessly.

Imagine a life surrounded by the serenity of New Zealand's endless natural beauty it is an active retiree's dream come true.

Milford Sound, a fjord on South Island, comes highly recommended. A Tripadvisor user was entranced, remarking: "Well worth the trip! Milford Sound is spectacular! Saw penguins and seals.", reports the Express.

Mirror Lakes New Zealand
New Zealand is a beautiful and safe location -Credit:Getty

Brimming with some of the planet's most impressive landscapes, New Zealand invites its new residents to an outdoor lifestyle that would make any fitness app proud.

For those with a thirst for thrills, options abound from white water rafting to soaring through the skies with paragliding.

Kayaking isn't merely a pastime but a path to joining some of the fittest people globally in New Zealand.

The lowdown on safety?

New Zealand triumphs with minimal violent crime, muggings, or thefts. However, expats must heed local liquor ban zones ignoring these could hit the wallet with fines.

Luckily for British drivers, New Zealander's keep left rule means one less headache to navigate.

And if health is wealth, then New Zealand truly is affluent, boasting a stellar healthcare system and top marks from retirees seeking medical services.

The majority of British expats in New Zealand choose to reside in one of the country's urban areas for easy access to essential services.

Christchurch is often touted as one of the best cities for retirees due to its safety and lower cost of living compared to other major cities.

Nestled on South Island, Christchurch is a haven for cyclists with numerous bike paths meandering along the riverbanks.

The city also boasts plenty of green spaces and an English-style square, helping expats feel more at home.

New Zealand enjoys a temperate climate, with temperatures varying across different regions and skiing opportunities in certain areas.

The east of the country experiences the driest weather, while the warmest conditions are found up north. However, it's worth noting that British expats in New Zealand will be quite a distance away from family back in the UK.

Air travel can be costly, and this should be considered when deciding to make the move.