The 'gorgeous' private waterfall near Coventry you get to through a secret gate

The weir at Edgbaston pool, 40 minutes from Coventry
-Credit: (Image: Kirsty Bosley/BirminghamLive)

Waterfalls offer something magical. And if you like them, you're in luck - there's a private one near Coventry which you can reach via a secret gate.

Edgbaston in Birmingham, 40 minutes from Coventry, is known for its pretty reservoir but BirminghamLive reports there's one lake that is clean and shimmering close by which you may have never seen - Edgbaston pool. It is a private place looked after by the Edgbaston Golf Club, so visiting is difficult but possible, although some will have to pay.

The hidden pool is located behind Winterbourne House. You can reach it via a woodland walk from a gate within the gardens of the attraction. It costs £8 to enter and will give you access to the Edgbaston pool.

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Kirsty Bosley from BirminghamLive describes the pool as 'gorgeous', home to many wildlife from swans, coots, and other special flora and fauna. There are benches along the edge of the water to enjoy the scenic views, described as 'remote' even when Winterbourne is busy.

If you walk along the path before reaching the Golf Club barrier, you will hear the waterfall long before you see it, just off to the side on your right. However, it's a steep drop down, so it is advised to stay on the path.

It is also technically not a waterfall, but let's not quibble too much, as it looks lovely. Instead, it's a weir but the water pouring over the dam adds a charming effect - and, hey, it looks like a waterfall.

The lake is approximately 17 acres in size, compared to the 58 acres of Edgbaston reservoir, and you can't walk all around like you can at the latter. However, there's a lot of space to sit and enjoy the peace.

In addition, some people can visit the Edgbaston Pool for free. For instance, University of Birmingham students don't have to pay to visit Winterbourne House if they have a valid ID, and it's the same for university staff.

Lucky for some, eh? Well, in addition, Historic Houses members get free access on 'most days' and individual members of the Royal Horticultural Society can get in for free Monday to Wednesday with a valid card.

For others, entry to Winterbourne is from 10.30am to 5pm from March to October, and 10.30am to 4pm from November to February. Prices are £8 per adult, £6.90 for over-65s and children.

It's important to note that the pool is accessed by a woodland walk and a bridge that has steps up. As a result, it won't be suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs.

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