Gospel choir sings amazing rendition of 'Grease' classic on 'AGT'

On America’s Got Talent, Danell Damon and Greater Works performed the Grease classic “You’re the One That I Want.” But it wasn’t as poppy as the version performed by Danny and Sandy, John Travolta and Olivia Newton John respectively, at the carnival in the movie.

The song began slow and soulful. Then the energy picked up as the choir joined in. A new singer came forward, and soon a man and a woman were dancing, much better than Danny and Sandy, by the way. By the end, the song transformed into full-on gospel mode. The choir clapped their hands in unison to the beat as singers repeated the same words to the chorus over and over.

Once it was done, judge Howie Mandel said, “I’ve never been to church, but I feel like I’ve been anointed. I feel like I’m born-again.”

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