Who got shot on 'EastEnders', and who pulled the trigger?

Ben Arnold
Ricky Champ as Stuart Highway (Credit: BBC)

Last night’s climactic episode of EastEnders ended on a cliffhanger in the Queen Vic… but who got shot, and who pulled the trigger?

The denouement of the tense plotline between Danny Dyer’s Mick and Ricky Champ’s Stuart came to a head last night, when Stuart bought a shooter to the pub.

As the climax of a complex plot delving into Mick Carter’s youth, and which has lasted months, a bullet is unleashed, but only the sound is heard, ringing across Albert Square.

Mick, his wife Linda, Tina Carter, Shirley and Stuart’s brother Halfway are all possible suspects if Stuart had the gun wrestled from him.

Meanwhile, the truly unstable Stuart may have happily shot any of them, or could Dylan have taken the bullet.

Twitter, of course, has gone wild with theories.

Mr Champ himself, meanwhile, has thanked fans for their support, and issued a suitably ominous message…

Errm… thanks Ricky. The truth will out on tonight’s episode.

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