Gotheborg, world's largest wooden sailing ship, passes through Tower Bridge

Götheborg, the world’s largest, active, ocean-going and wooden sailing ship has arrived in London. The vessel, open to the public, will sail across the city and fire cannons next to Tower Bridge. The ship is a replica of an 18th-century tall sailing ship. It was built using all the original techniques and materials of the original. The original model owes its origins to the Swedish East India Company, which traded between 1731 and 1813, and was at the time, Sweden’s most valuable company. The first Swedish Ship Götheborg was launched in 1738 and went through three adventurous voyages to China, including one where it was hijacked by the British, before its wrecking outside the Fortress of Älvsborg, a former county of Sweden. In 1993, the Swedish East India Company was refounded, but this time with the mission to rebuild the Götheborg. The ship now tours the world and last visited London in 2007.