Here’s how to make a gourmet dinner using instant ramen

Gourmet dining doesn’t always include expensive ingredients. In this episode of ITK: $10 Fine Dining, Chef Sakari Smithwick of Smithwick Provisions (@sakarismithwick) shows us how to turn inexpensive instant ramen into a delicious, restaurant-quality dish. All you need is a pack of instant ramen, some veggies and a few types of seasoning, and you can transform ramen into a gourmet meal. Here’s how to elevate your instant ramen:


  • 2 eggs

  • 1 chicken bouillon cube

  • Instant ramen noodles and seasoning packet

  • ½ cup shiitake mushrooms, sliced

  • 1 scallion, sliced on a bias and chilled in ice water

  • Bok choy, sliced

  • Nori sheets, julienned

  • ¼ ounce furikake rice seasoning

  • Soy sauce

  • Neutral oil

  • Salt

  • Butter

  • Chili oil


1. Start by poaching one of the eggs. Use a spoon to create a vortex in a pot of boiling water, then crack the egg into it. Let it cook for four minutes, then transfer to a bowl of ice water. Repeat with the second egg.

2. Add the bouillon cube and ramen noodles to the same pot of water used to cook the egg.

3. Heat neutral oil in a pan over medium heat. Add in mushrooms and soy sauce and let cook. Season with a pinch of salt and remove from heat.

4. Add more neutral oil to the pan and sear the bok choy. Season with salt and remove from the pan.

5. Separate the second egg.

6. Add some of the sliced nori to the pot with the ramen noodles, then toss the noodles with butter. Use the seasoning packet from the instant ramen to season the noodles. Add the egg yolk and furikake rice seasoning to the pot.

7. Transfer the noodles from the pot onto a serving dish, then warm the poached egg in the broth. Once warmed, place the egg on top of the noodles and garnish with sliced nori, mushrooms, bok choy and scallions. Pour in some broth, soy sauce and a touch of chili oil, then serve.

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