GP and NHS doctors appointments shake-up as '8am scramble' set to end

NHS Healthcare Organisation Looks To The Future
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A sweeping transformation of GP services is on the horizon following the election of the new government this week.

In a bid to enhance NHS services, the newly elected officials are set to revamp the way appointments at GP surgeries and doctors' appointments are managed across the board. Outlined in the Labour Manifesto, a series of reforms targeting the NHS includes a specific focus on General Practitioners.

The incoming government has committed to 'reforming the system' to eliminate the notorious '8am scramble' for appointments and ensure that patients can access GP services more readily, reports the Express.

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Their statement reads: "GPs are the front door to the health service for most people. Excellent primary care is the key to earlier diagnosis, but too often it is not possible to get an appointment, so Labour will reform the system. We will train thousands more GPs, guarantee a face-to-face appointment for all those who want one and deliver a modern appointment booking system to end the 8am scramble."

We will bring back the family doctor by incentivising GPs to see the same patient, so ongoing or complex conditions are dealt with effectively. "Additionally, Labour plans to alleviate the burden on GP practices by expanding the prescribing powers of pharmacies. Moreover, the establishment of 'Neighbourhood Health Centres' is proposed, aiming to co-locate family doctors, nurses, care workers, physiotherapists, palliative care specialists, and mental health professionals within a single facility.

The manifesto suggests a pivot in healthcare delivery: "The National Health Service needs to move to a Neighbourhood Health Service, with more care delivered in local communities to spot problems earlier. To achieve this, we must over time shift resources to primary care and community services. ".

Accompanying the NHS revamp, it commits to increasing access to dental care by promising an additional 700,000 dental appointments and a strategy aimed at retaining NHS dentists.

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