GP warns of one disgusting toilet habit - and it could affect your toothbrush

side view of a toilet in a bathroom with no people around with some paper on the wall
-Credit: (Image: Getty)

When you go to the toilet, there is one thing that we all often do - and it turns out we really need to stop.

Taking to TikTok, NHS GP Dr Karan Raj aka @dr.karanr, warned people in his latest video that if we don't shut the toilet seat lid when we flush, we risk some pretty disgusting stuff happening. Reacting to a video where someone claimed that you can get bad acne due to poo particles in the air, they also claimed it can land on your toothbrush - which of course goes straight into your mouth.

Adding to the video and backing up his claims, the doctor stressed "If you don't shut the lid of your toilet after you flush, you definitely will after seeing this [his video]." He revealed: "Your human eyes can't see this but every time you flush the toilet with the lid open, you create a raging sewage volcano. This allows aerosolised toilet juice to travel far and wide."

Showing a scene where scientists used green lasers and cameras in a dark room to capture what really happens when we press flush, it shows toilet water - with all the dirty particles - spraying high out the toilet bowl.

Dr Raj continues: "The droplets were able to move at two metres per second and reach heights of 1.5 meters above the toilet bowl in eight seconds. Some of the smallest droplets could linger for more than several minutes, placing them at optimal nose height for unsuspecting humans.

"Various pathogens like E-Coli, adenovirus and norovirus can all be spewed into the air riding on the back of these tiny water droplets. Besides shutting the lid which helps to redirect the toilet soup to the floor, it's probably good to regularly disinfect your toilet bowl and brush to reduce the pathogen load of it."

In addition to closing the toilet lid, he says that you should place your toothbrush far away from your toilet if possible. He also says that you should keep towels, brushes and anything else you put on your face away from the toilet - "unless you like them covered in microscopic poo-flakes", he adds.