Graffiti slamming the rewrite of Roald Dahl appears in Edinburgh

Graffiti slamming the rewrite of Roald Dahl classics to make them more "palatable" to a modern audience appeared overnight. The stencilled Banksy-style artwork showed the Hungry Crocodile with its jaw tied shut, Willy Wonka in handcuffs with his mouth gagged, and Matilda with a bag on her head. Street artist the Rebel Bear claimed responsibility for the stencil, at Sighthill Roundabout underpass, Edinburgh. Words like 'fat' will be axed from the classics. The Rebel Bear wrote on Instagram: “If you aren’t aware of the story then feel free to give it a quick search. And if you have any, I would love to hear your opinions on it all.” One person commented: "The rewrite of any book unless done by the author is on a par with all the various book burnings that has took place in history, who are they protecting by changing the words of a Roald Dahl book ..wokery pokery." Another added: "It's an absolute disgrace and a very very dangerous road to tread. I'm so angry its being allowed." Someone else said: "Censorship gone mad! "They should publish two versions. Original text and modified let people choose which version they want to read! Roald Dahl will be turning in his grave." Another said: “What is the world coming to? Leave his words as it was written. "OK so the language used may not be what is accepted now but the children of today should be educated that these stories were accepted at the time and that is part of history.” Another post said: “I can see that some of the language can be problematic. "But if anything, that is a good jumping off point for discussing these things with your children.” The graffiti artist was praised for sparking debate. Another social media user said: “Good to see debate stimulated - The Bear always has important points to make - seems like we get pulled into versions of right and wrong very quickly."