Graham Norton, Lulu and Sam Ryder judging celebrity Eurovision for Comic Relief

Lula, Graham Norton and Sam Ryder are on the panel credit:Bang Showbiz
Lula, Graham Norton and Sam Ryder are on the panel credit:Bang Showbiz

Graham Norton, Lulu and Sam Ryder will judge a celebrity 'Eurovision Song Contest' for Comic Relief.

The trio will form a panel watching a variety of famous faces trying to audition to become the UK's next entry, with Tony Hadley, Bono, Jamie Dornan, The Fizz and Miranda Hart all taking part in the sketch for the BBC charity telethon.

In a statement, Graham said: "[Comic Relief is] a fantastic coming together, we all work in a very silly industry and it’s great that we can all come together and do something that really matters."

Sam added: "I remember watching it with my parents growing up, and I feel like that’s such a privilege and a gift that I get to be involved with things I loved as a kid, I’m getting to experience first-hand now, so I’m really grateful.”

Meanwhile, Lulu admitted she doesn't know the secret to the perfect Eurovision song.

She quipped: "If I knew, don’t you think I’d be writing them every year!”

From The Fizz trying to settle on a song choice and Tony seeing if he's still got it to Jamie trying to sing and Bono looking to outside the competition, one of the contestants might need a hug from Dermot O'Leary by the end of the night.

The sketch will be part of the Comic Relief broadcast on Friday (17.03.23) from 7pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer, while the show will also feature a 'Blackadder' revival focused on Sir Tony Robinson's Baldrick.

Last month, creator Richard Curtis admitted he was "excited" the show to be back in some form.

He said: "For the first time in 20 years, Baldrick is going to be giving some kind of performance.

"We're just conspiring about it now, so I think there's going to be a marvellous, turnip-based thing with Tony Robinson now back in action, so I'm excited about that."