Grammys 2022: Lady Gaga praised for helping SZA with her dress

Lady Gaga has been praised by fans for helping SZA with her dress as she walked on stage at the Grammys on 3 April.

As SZA hobbled up the stairs – using crutches after falling out of bed – to accept her award for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance with Doja Cat, Gaga stood to assist her, untangling the train of her dress.

Fans who noticed were quick to commend the singer on Twitter for her kind gesture towards SZA.

“Does SZA knows [sic] the person who helps [sic] carrying her train is lady gaga?” one user asked.

“Idc what y’all say but gaga was too sweet for being the only one helping Sza,” someone praised.

Others loved the vibe of “women lookin out for women”.

Another added: “She’s always been known to be extremely kind I love her.”

It wasn’t the only touching moment of the night for Gaga, as she performed her song “Do I Love You,” in tribute to her duet partner Tony Bennett, who couldn’t make the ceremony due to his “ongoing struggle” with Alzheimer’s.

“Between Lady Gaga’s compassion for Liza Minelli at the Oscars, her Grammy tribute to Tony Bennett and then helping SZA with her dress to get on stage (in crutches), how are we not honouring her kindness more,” a fan Tweeted.

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