Gran, 83, moves on from toyboy, 37, with cute new companion in profile picture

Iris Jones has moved on from her past with the toy boy
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An 83-year-old gran has updated her social media profile, after becoming single following her whirlwind marriage with an Egyptian younger man.

Iris Jones had famously fallen in love with and married Mohamed Ibrahim, a 37 year old, only to reportedly be swindled out of a substantial amount of money. Iris claims she was left paying for his debts, lending him excessive amounts of money, leading her to label him as "evil" and a "sewer rat".

Her unique story had caught public attention when she disclosed meeting Mohamed online before travelling to Egypt to be with him in person.

She won over many fans on This Morning last year with her candid talk about their vivacious love life, leaving then-hosts Holly Willoughby and Philip Scofield thoroughly entertained. Pictures of their once-blooming romance were frequently shared by Iris on her Facebook account.

However, expressing reflections of regret about her relationship with the younger man, Iris recently switched her profile image to showcase the true apple of her eye - her pet cat dubbed Mr Bo Jangles.

Iris Jones, 83, with her cat named Mr Bo Jangles
Iris Jones, 83, with her cat named Mr Bo Jangles -Credit:Iris Jones/ Facebook

Regular updates on the daily escapades of Mr Bo Jangles are now lovingly posted by Iris, who recently declared herself as single on Facebook. The pictures encompass their various activities, from park outings to sun-soaked sessions in the garden.

Sharing her appreciation for the support she's received during this tumultuous period in her life, Iris posted a heartfelt picture of her and her feline friend, captioned: "It's soo nice to have genuine friends to support me in what has been a traumatic time in my life. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, (which is slowly starting to heal)."

Iris also recently disclosed the unfortunate death of her previous cat, Smudge, who succumbed to cancer in 2010.

The grandmother from Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, has momentarily stepped away from the online dating scene after her marriage fell apart. Recently, Iris is actively keen about making people comprehend the perilous risk inherent in internet dating platforms, consistently reminding them to be alert for "scammers and con-artists".

Claiming she's been the target of four scammers in recent months, Iris now considers herself a "competent scam hunter". She speaks about one particularly "evil" person who attempted to defraud her of thousands of pounds.

Iris used Facebook recently to dispense her advice. Her words of wisdom were: "A warning to all vulnerable women online, chatting to scammers and con-artists, thinking they are messaging genuine males on legitimate dating sites. Be aware that they are only interested in getting their filthy paws on your money and will sweet-talk you for weeks, or even months in order to achieve their goals."