Grandma Shocked by How Wild Granddaughter's 'Last Friday Night' Got

A Pennsylvania grandmother was taken aback when her granddaughter recited the words to Katy Perry’s song “Last Friday Night,” playing it off like a recap of her actual Friday night activities.

Video recorded by Shelby Hoefling begins with her recounting the song’s events: “Yeah, we danced on tabletops, and we took too many shots,” Needless to say, the grandma isn’t thrilled.

The grandma then repeatedly inquires, “Did you fall?” and “What happened next?”

“Nanny usually believes anything I say to her, but again I didn’t think she’d believe me this much,” Hoefling said.

Grandma eventually realizes she’s being played when Hoefling breaks out in fits of laughter near the end of the video.

The video was uploaded to Instagram and received over 100,000 likes. Credit: Shelby Hoefling via Storyful

Video transcript

- I forgot to tell you what happened the last Friday night.

- What happened?

- OK, so last Friday night, yeah, we danced on tabletops.

- You did? Did you fall?


- And we took too many shots.

- Oh, and what happened then? You fell? Did you?

- Then we kissed.

- Yeah.

- But I forgot last Friday night.

- You forgot what? That you kissed? Oh, no, so you got in trouble, did you?


- We maxed-- yeah, we maxed our credit cards.

- Oh, no.

- And then we got kicked out of the bar.

- No--


--just you and-- and Andy? Just for the two of you?

- Yeah.

- No, what made you [? have ?] that?


- We hit the Boulevard.

- Yeah.

- Well, it was last Friday night.

- Right.

- Yeah.


- Are you serious?

- And then we went streaking in the park.

- Oh, no.

- Yeah, we did.

- Oh my god.

- And then we went skinny dipping in the dark.

- You're kidding me. Oh my god, you crazy kids. You could have been arrested. What-- so you were absolutely wiped out?


- And then we had a menage a trois last Friday night.

- Oh.

- I think we broke the law.

- Oh, no, did you really? What did you do? Well, I think you did break the law, yeah, if you went skinny dipping.

- Always say we're going to stop.

- But you didn't.

- Oh.

- Oh, no.


- But this Friday night, do it all again.

- No, no, don't go. You were lucky to get by with it once. Don't try to push your luck.

- But this Friday night, do it all again.

- No, why would you do it again? Why would you want to do it again? You crazy kids, really. Are you kidding me? You didn't do that. You did not, no.


I thought, well, maybe you did. I didn't know.

- I nearly peed my pants. [LAUGHS]

- Oh, no, [INAUDIBLE].